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Nicholas David Lean

CEO / Producer

Nicholas David Lean is the founder of Oceanstorm Films, a multi-service Film and TV Production Company with its headquarters in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and with satellite offices in London, Los Angeles, Bangalore,  and Bangkok. With a clear bias on development and production, his role as producer and executive producer is sometimes combined with those of screenwriter and director. His multi-disciplined experience in film production, in all production roles, combine creative and technical expertise with production efficiency.

Prior to launching Oceanstorm Films VFX in 2018 with collaborators Paul Babu, and Louis Katz he played a pivotal role in the start-up plans of a new London 'studio facilities' company in Surrey - AHS - a 'one-stop' production management and aviation asset rental company, which was to be based at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Cranleigh. With the pandemic crisis of 2020 that has been put on hold. Since February 2020 he has been in negotiations to build and operate a two-site studio production facility in the City of Portsmouth with the support of both the local council and the University of Portsmouth, a leading exponent of VR/AR technologies. That proposal looks set to deliver the UK's first city-partnered film studio facility in late 2021.


With over two decades of experience working in all aspects of the film industry, he has developed a deep understanding of the delivery requirements for every type of film project while honing his management and department-building skills.

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