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Our Work

We believe that technology along with passion can make the impossible possible by producing state-of-the-art post-production work. Our team is based globally, but primarily in London, Thailand, and in India to make sure that we can quickly fulfil our client’s vision, without compromising on quality, no matter where in the world they are. But we also have artists who work in California, in New Zealand, and in Russia, so a client's location is absolutely no obstacle to us.


Within our main post-production studio in India, we have a team of 40 technically skilled artists who continuously work with the creative industry on Feature films, high-end commercials, web series and TV series to provide the best VFX work our clients can experience.



How do we do that ?


Our core team is made up of approximately thirty highly skilled artists, who have worked on quite an array of top-level projects like Gravity, 300, Blade Runner, Wonder Woman, Avengers-Infinity War, Deadpool, Aquaman, Black Panther and a lot more besides. If you get in touch with us, we can show you how much more. Seeing is believing, after all.


Whether you are simply seeking some cleanup work, partial or full CGI creation including background and foreground elements, or just looking for a VFX Supervisor to be with you on set during those all-important setups, we can offer you a solution to whatever your needs are. Expertise in helping you create those visual moments of awe isn't an issue. Whether it's a feature, a music video, a high-end commercial, or a striking short film, we can tailor our professionals' skillsets to meet your budget.

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