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Paul Babu

Head of VFX

Paul joins Oceanstorm Films from one of the largest Visual FX companies in Bangalore, India,


Totally committed to the provision of only the most excellent levels of VFX presentation, he is extraordinarily focused and ambitious, with a good understanding of best business practices and management responsibilities. 


Paul has committed, overall, in excess of 10+years working in post-production, specifically specialising in commercials, film, and television, and most of that time has been spent in management roles developing sales and delivery pipelines to access the Asian, European, and US markets.


He has technical and managerial experience in the creation of virtual and practical outsource services between continental industries, maintaining and nurturing strategic relationships with production and advertising companies at the highest levels. 


Paul has a wealth of recruiting expertise in his sector and a comprehensive  'black book' of artists and technicians working in Paint, Rotoscope, Composition,Match Move, Camera Tracking  and General CGI from countries all over the globe, including Russia, Thailand, Australia, USA, Canada, and Europe.

The particular skills he brings to the Oceanstorm table include:

VFX Strategy and Planning, Business Negotiations, Bidding & Costing, Project Management, Team Management, Scheduling, Data Logistics, TPN certificate practices, MPAA Practices

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