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Production & Set Management solutions

for Film & Television

Development, Production & Set Management was established in 1997 to provide creative solutions for feature film and television productions.



With offices in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Oceanstorm Films was primarily established to generate originality, innovation and collaboration in film and television production. With an experienced network of writers, producers, technicians, and artists the concept focused on sharing their experience and passion for film-making to produce imaginative and entertaining films and programming that could reach a global audience.

An ever-growing slate of projects on the books, and collaborators from across all production disciplines in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, and Australasia, means that Oceanstorm Films can also concentrate on international co-productions for its library content, irrespective of budget, location, or genre. With personnel able to fulfill many, if not most, production roles - AD, LP, PM, and PA amongst others - we are uniquely positioned to add quality and skill to any production in which we are involved.

Founded in 1997 by writer/director Nicholas David Lean, the company has become recognised for its provocative, thought-inducing conceptual writing, and exciting narratives that frequently blend genres, and merge themes, to provide entertainment and education in equal measure. As a source of screenplays that bridge genres, it has an inventory of material seemingly unequalled by any of its peers.

Oceanstorm Films has, since its inception, been involved in productions as diverse in scale and budgets as local documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters, but continues to seek partners and collaborators for its growing inventory of developing and completed projects across all budget levels.


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Captivated by Storytelling - "Delivering on audience expectation but in an unexpected way."

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